Kennis Clark

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Kennis Clark, a Los Angeles based singer/songwriter discovered himself amongst many others searching for their dreams in sunny California. Performing was what he wanted to do and he was willing to leave everything in order to pursue his career, and he did.
Only driven by faith, In 2014 Kennis packed up his car and drove across the country.  Saying Goodbye to his home in Roosevelt, New York wasn’t easy, but he felt this was were he was being called, and that his very purpose would be birthed in California. The
Journey for Kennis did not start out as planned, but he wasn’t discouraged enough to stop.

Within his first year in Los angeles, Kennis released two singles “Forever” and “Bout Time” ft. Dj Antonio Fresco.
Kennis Clark has since had the pleasure of working and writing with some of the industries best producers which allowed him to grow and shape his craft. His musical catalog features multiple genres from R&B/Hip Hop to Pop/EDM to his now favorite
which is a Contemporary Christian fusion. Music has always been in Kennis. At a very young age he started writing songs, rapping and even danced. Kennis’s newest project A.W.O.L was release in November 2017 and is available on all streaming platforms. His goal is to impact this generation and generations to come by creating music to inspire, motivate, and create new ways of thinking and expression all through bold faith. You can catch the electric Kennis Clark, on all social media platforms.